A whimsical illustration of a walking man, who might be Parker Malenke.


I like working with
nimble teams

to make
great products

that solve
interesting problems.

I can leverage many different skills, tools, and experiences.

Case studies

People enjoy working with me.

“I relied heavily on Parker's organized and reliable approach, thoughtfulness, calm demeanor and project enthusiasm, and excellent leadership to lead our design system project.”

— Rob C, UX Director

“He possessed great design skills but also leadership, diplomacy, empathy, and understanding from the point of view of a project’s larger landscape.”

— Michele W, Accessibility Specialist

“He does much more than fulfill a task, but explain how it was done and why. He designs excellent solutions for user problems involving a great dose of his own creativity and vision.”

— John B, Design Manager


Ryan Singer

The product development principles in his Shape Up book left an impression on me. They speak directly to a lot of the challenges that I’ve observed around getting good product work shipped.

Craig Mod

A consummate creator of words (on the web and in books), pictures, walks, and more. Craig portrays an effortless, human, and curious style in his writing that I find unique and refreshing.

Ben Thompson

Ben delivers considered and contextualized analysis of trends in the technology sphere. I especially appreciate his intellectually honest and rigorous evaluations of the subtle trade offs involved in contentious topics such as net neutrality or freedom of speech.

Hilaree Nelson

One of the foremost ski mountaineers and adventurers of our time, Hilaree demonstrates an inspiring mix of vision, dedication, and grit that has enabled her to complete several challenging and coveted first ski descents.


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