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November 3

Tips for design system component pages

Get the most out of your design system documentation.

~3 min
January 26

Design systems need a community

A secret ingredient for building a successful design system.

~4 min
November 15

How I found a UX job after being laid off during a pandemic

Sharing my experience and lessons learned.

~11 min
September 16

Book notes: Atomic Habits

A quick read full of somewhat obvious habit psychology, but organized and presented clearly and usefully.

~3 min
August 27

Patterns vs. components in design systems

Design systems can offer more than just rigid components.

~3 min
August 22

Design lessons #3: (Written) communication is key

Writing well is a secret superpower that can level up your designs and help you work more effectively with a team.

~2 min
August 8

Design lessons #2: Don’t be afraid of process

Work smarter, not harder.

~2 min
July 24

Design lessons #1: Design for the corners

The devil, as they say, is in the details. Turns out the soul is there too.

~3 min